GL Wood Studios have contributed to a wide variety of clients, including photography, design work, creative direction, art direction, fine art, and branding. Some of our clients include.  



Once out of school, GL wanted to focus on fashion photography. With no real knowledge of  the ways of starting out in that field work was at a stand still. He took jobs as caterer, catering to professional photo shoots and working stock at a cosmetics company. Little by little he started to learn the trades of the industry, and slowly started to put together his fashion portfolio. Having grown up in the 80's, his style had major influences in color, design and attitude of that decade. Ever so slowly the local magazines were contacting him to produce editorials with his particular vision. His style was soon landing him various awards in the photography world. At a certain point he knew his work had to move to New York City to be able to grow. So in 2008, he packed up and moved to NYC. Once in the City, he soon found out how challenging it is to make an impact in the NY Industry. Within a year, he decided to do away with all of his books, and images, and completely rebrand himself to something he felt like was more of his VISION. This VISION included bringing back the fine art and mixed media techniques he had learned in college and a young child. He spent a whole year developing this style, trying out new concepts, testing conceptual ideas, and learning how to art direct shoots. Soon enough the industry started to take notice to this particular style of photography. It was a blend of art and fashion, that at the time wasn't widely seen in the industry. During the following years, GL's client lists grew and greater opportunities were soon happening. Today, his work can be seen in some of the top major magazines, fresh indie magazines, the music industry, design world, top designers, and galleries around the world. 

Growing up in the state of Georgia, GL, wasn't surrounded by a lot of art and photography. Early as a child, his dream was to be a comic book artist. At the age of 14, he interned at IMAGE COMICS. While there the artists told him he should take some art classes, and find out about the history and techniques of fine art. His high school didn't provide any art classes, so it wasn't until he went to collage ( Florida State University & University of GA ) where he got his first real education in fine art. Throughout his college years, GL, learned many techniques, but didn't focus on one particular style. Having this mixed media way of art, made him not have a focused style, which some teachers questioned yet sometimes applauded. It wasn't until graduation where one teacher recommended moving to California. GL decided look for a graduate school out west, and packed up his car to drive cross country to Los Angeles. While out in California, he applied to many fine art graduate schools. One certain school he applied to had a positive response to his fine art work, but they happened to not be a fine art school, but a photography based school. GL was confused, and realized he had emailed the wrong school ( both schools were very similar in names ). Feeling a new energy out in the West, GL, thought it was a sign that a photography school came calling, and it was something he was never really interested in while at school, yet photography like elements were highly influential in his work. GL decided to further his schooling at the Brooks Institute of Photography, thus starting his path into photography.