Hey everyone. So you might have seen a Store link on this website. Well I have been testing out having a store to sell original work as well as limited edition prints. Right now the store is in testing, but will be Live in mid April.  

New Video !!!

Well I can finally show everyone this video. This was shot a year ago, but only now it has been released by WeDu. It was great working together with photographer Jason Rodgers and all the amazing WeDu models and dancers.

New Video Series !!! Models After the Shoot.

So a month ago, I decided to do a fun little video right when the model leaves the shoot. I felt that after a shoot the vibe and relationship between a model and photographer are a lot more relaxed than at the very beginning. So these videos are just to showcase a fun time. It was meant to be a one time thing to post on Instagram, but they seemed to have grown to something I have done after every shoot. Here are the videos I have so far. Look forward to more in the coming weeks. : )

GL Wood

Busy 2 weeks at the Studio

So as you may know I have started making videos. I had put it off for so long, but finally I feel inspired to work with video. At the same time I had recovered a lot of old footage from a year ago, that I thought I had lost. So these past two weeks I put all my focus to breath life into this new found footage. Here are completed videos I did during these past couple of weeks. Enjoy : )